Reflector as a Photography Backdrop

How to Use a 5-in-1 Reflector as a Photography Backdrop

Did you know your 5 in 1 reflector can be used for more than filling in shadows, or blocking harsh sun rays? Dust off your portable reflectors, and try using them as a quick backdrop option during photography sessions! They are useful both on location and at the studio. Shooting on location has its limitations, but don’t forget that your 5 in 1 reflector can be used as a quick make shift backdrop for close-up pictures. Since your 5 in 1 reflector isn’t as large as a standard backdrop, these techniques work best for close-ups or small objects.

Since the 5 in 1 reflector has black, white, silver, gold and opaque surfaces your backdrop options just increased by five! On and outdoor location shoot, you can ask a helper, parent or family member to stand behind the subject being photographed, and hold the reflector. I have used this technique for a quick head and shoulders shot of a senior outdoors, when the lighting was just too good to quit shooting, but the outdoor background had already been exhausted by all the previous shots.

Have the helper hold the reflector at least 3 feet away from the back of the subject being photographed to help eliminate the unsightly crinkles that can be seen in collapsible 5 in 1 reflectors.

Retouching work on the computer can also eliminate crinkles in the reflector. Don’t worry too much if they show in the pictures initially, because they can be easily fixed!

When shooting indoor with studio lighting, a reflector can be an easy, and very quick backdrop option change. For example, when shooting a small child, have a parent hold the black side of the reflector up behind the child. This allows the photographer to get a few quick, classic head shots of the child on the basic black surface of the reflector. When photographing children, anything you can do to save their precious “alert” time is important!

Use the white side of the reflector as a quick backdrop for on location pictures at a wedding. The clean, simple white backdrop looks great for close-up pictures of the wedding rings, bouquet, shoes, purse or any other details that you wish to document.

Try using the shimmery silver or glowing gold sides of the reflector in the shade while doing outdoor senior pictures. With the right outfit, and personality, the shiny backgrounds can give your portraits an edgy feel.

Always carry a 5 in 1 reflector with you on outdoor and location shoots. It gives you more variety when shooting close-up pictures.

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