Photography: A Great Hobby for Any Person

Photography: A Great Hobby for Any Person

Photography is a wonderful hobby that you can call your own, or it’s something that you can actually share with the whole family. Photography is also an excellent way to cherish your favorite memories on holidays, especially those precious memories on Christmas morning. Starting out just depends on you, there are numerous cost effective digital cameras that you can find at any discount department store or, like me, you can decide to spend some money and purchase a high quality digital camera. No matter what quality level of a camera you decide to start with, the first thing you should always do is read your camera’s manual thoroughly. You always want to have a good understanding of how your camera works, before you start. The last thing you want is to miss a once in a life time shot because you couldn’t figure out your camera.

When I made the decision to take up photography, I decided to jump in with both feet and I purchased a high quality SLR Digital Camera that retailed at over $500.00. Of course, if you want to save some money, you can always check into deals or even consider purchasing a used camera. After I made my purchase, I read through the manual once and then started going through it again while becoming familiar with the actual camera. Once I was pretty comfortable with understanding the different settings and how to use the camera, I would sit outside, walk around the neighborhood or travel to the local park and just snap photos. I would experiment with numerous settings which was great in helping to learn what settings are best for certain situations. When it comes to photography, the best way to get good is to practice, practice some more and then get more practice. Digital camera’s are great to practice with because they take memory cards that you can just delete the unwanted pictures and then re-use. My favorite form of practice was to take the kids to the park and just snap as many pictures as I could, over and over.

All the practice will definitely pay off when you get that one picture that really says a thousand words. For me, all my hard work paid off when I snapped a photo of my son and daughter as they opened their iPods, on Christmas morning. Kids don’t stay young for long and getting those precious Christmas morning pictures is truly priceless.

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