The Gifted Eye: Inspiring Photography

The Gifted Eye: Inspiring Photography

Ever so often a person enters a scene and is swept away by the surroundings. Literally in awe of what they are viewing, they want/need to capture the moment on film for themselves and to share the moment with others. If it is to be shared, then the goal is to allow others to feel the way the observer feels at that moment.

If the observer is a gifted visual artist, they possess the tools and the talent needed to turn a simple moment or image into an extraordinary event – all with the click of a button. That’s right. No moving pictures here. At this moment, the still photo reigns. Shot after shot, the visual artist experiments with colors, angles, lines, shapes, patterns, hues, and shadows until the subject is given its just due.

A gifted visual artist tells a story in a most intoxicating way. Grueling hours of take after take, one lighting setup after another, hours and hours of filming. But that is of little or no concern to the observer (unless they relish those details.) What matters most is the final product. Journey through a museum, a book, or even a website devoted to photography.

Each picture tells a story in an attempt to spark a chord in the observer. The work can invoke emotions than span from breathtaking to heartbreaking. Whether the image will grace the halls of a corporate corridor or the pages of a popular magazine, the visual artist has the power to capture the image vividly and allow the image to speak volumes to the spirit of the observer.

The visual artist captures a person, place, thing, or moment in all of its degradation or in all of its glory: a city street at night; a chalk outline where a body laid; breaking of dawn; a well-designed corporate complex; a house of worship; a snow-covered landscape; a (computer) system room; a sun-drenched landscape; the face of an innocent victim; a congratulatory embrace; a high-tech research laboratory; a high-tech recording studio; the aftermath of an evil, heartless act; a child; a bride and her groom.

Anyone can get caught up in a moment but the gifted visual artist has the ability to capture the emotions of the moment for others to experience. And whether the artist feels a sense of hurt and frustration, pride and joy, or peacefulness and serenity, the goal is the same: How can I make my audience feel the way I feel right now?

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