Dina Goldstein and the Fallen Princesses Photography Project

Facts About Dina Goldstein and the Fallen Princesses Photography Project

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you’d want it to and the same goes for princesses. You may have heard about Vancouver-based photographer Dina Goldstein and her Fallen Princesses photography project. She’s seem to create quite a buzz surrounding her work which takes a modern day view of princesses, many of which were made popular by Disney. She put the photos in an exhibit.

Here are some facts about Dina Goldstein and more about her artwork project.

Dina Goldstein is an award-winning photographer from Vancouver, B.C. She does a lot of editorial and commercial photography and incorporates her love of portraits. Her art includes magazine work, business images, projects, advertisement and travel images.

Goldstein said growing up abroad she was not exposed to fairy tales. As a mother she developed an interest in them and began to study the fairy tale origins. Here’s more about the fallen princesses series.

In one photo in the exhibit, Rapunzel is seen sitting on a hospital bed, her hair shaven and a saddened look on her face. She’s hooked up to an IV machine and it appears as though this beautiful long lock of hair that usually adorns her head is a wig. One would assume that she’s lost her hair to cancer treatment.

Another eye-catching photo in the Fallen Princesses photography project is the Little Mermaid. She’s in the water as she’s a mermaid, but this time her home is in an aquarium. She’s on display for all to see within the confines of aquarium visiting hours.

Belle, of Beauty and the Beast, is seen in her photograph getting plastic surgery. This is quite an irony to her falling in love with a beast in the Disney film. She herself feels she must maintain her youthful beauty.

Cinderella, called Cinder in this series, is seen sitting alone at a table in the bar having drink. She’s dressed in her usual blue gown, blue headband and gloves. Some of the guys in the bar look in her direction perhaps wondering what she’s doing there.

Snow White is not having an easy time with her happily ever after. She’s seen holding two babies, with another pulling at her gown. Her husband, the prince is sitting on a chair watching television while another young child plays nearby.

If you’d like to learn more about Dina Goldstein, you can visit her Web site at www.dinagoldstein.com.