Photography and Screenwriting Are Gold

Photography and Screenwriting Are Gold

It is good to be able to take a break from only writing words. In the last couple of days my writing breaks have led to taking cityscape photos that are raw and untouched. I am not a professional photographer or have any desire to be. That takes a talent and drive dedicated to that craft. I prefer writing, producing, and directing movies.

Where photography has always connected with me personally is cityscape shots of structures and people. The logo for Slice of Americana Films is a cityscape moment of time captured by a photographer on street as my Grandfather and Uncle walked. No words. No moving images. No editing. The photo told the story of that moment.

I love words. Creative writing for me is a mental high. We all have to earn a living, so I take on ghostwriting gigs and write dry boring technical scripts for clients from different industries. I always do give clients the best work I can based on their own specific message. I know when I am hired it is their message and not mine. They hire me for understanding that part of the job.

When I work on my own screenplays people close to me know that I go off the radar. I might travel to someplace I have never been and book a room for a week or stay in my home studio sleeping all day and writing all night. This is not to get a perfect final draft. My style is to get a very rough draft of a script done without looking back. It could be a few days. Never more than 7 days. There will have to be a lot rewriting done, but I like to get everything from beginning to end of the story on the page without looking back. I consider it a skeleton sketch of what story I want to tell.

The other night dialogue and scene were not flowing like I wanted. I decided to take a break, take a walk, and embrace life. Sounds and images of life were all around me. I decided to snap a picture from my mobile device. There was an older gentlemen standing on the corner under a stop sign looking at traffic. It reminded me that the world moves outside of your home and computer. It is thriving. Every picture has a story. This is indie filmmaker Sid Kali typing FADE OUT