Photography Guide to Taking Creative Pictures

Photography Guide to Taking Creative Pictures

A portrait viewed at a superficial glimpse reveals a person’s emotion at the moment of the flash, but a portrait viewed at a voyeuristic depth reveals the inner soul. Photography has the exceptional power of expressing beauty without strings of words or sheets of paper. Creating powerful effects with photography is achieved in an endless number of ways. For some images, the perfect lighting or the right color fits the desired mood. Likewise, a captivating, exotic background brings mystery and temptation. A striking facial expression speaks two or more emotions simultaneously. Image editing software like Photoshop creates amazing fantasy worlds from scratch that must reach the soul through the eye.

Similar to the human imagination, pictures are visual fields with no creative boundaries, so any field of wonder becomes possible. Whether you take pictures for occasional vacations or narrate your life story through pixels, here are three ways to get the most out of picture-taking.

1) Take pictures for various motives: To send a message, connect emotionally, capture a memory, just have fun, etc. The reasons are boundless. Think of your interests and activities, then put a photographic spin to it. Examples include capturing a person’s spirit, a candid moment in nature, or an impending prank on a friend.

2) Take many, many pictures! Taking lots of pictures builds your creativity and enhances your view of life. Bring enough rolls for your next big international trip or take your camera phone when you play with the young ones at the park. If entrapped in a once-in-a-lifetime moment, use a larger, more sophisticated camera that exists for that purpose.

3) Arrange your pictures uniquely. Look around your living areas, indoors and out, for classic and unusual homes to put your small treasures. Preferably, the settings should lie at eye level, but a picture on the ceiling works depending on personal taste. Large, spacious spots are great homes for images, holding many together like a large, easily visible scrapbook. Whether these pictures are framed or unframed is up to you. Also try arranging a gallery of loved ones across an entire wall or hosting a smaller version on top of a nightstand.

Experiment with the size and shape of the photo: You have the power to condense it into a tiny miniature and leave it forever locked inside a locket.

In addition to photography, enhance your life experiences by finding other methods of creative capture and display. Decorate boxes to store letters or design a shelf for home videos. A string of simple 5×7’s could show your time line of memories, but without memories, life does not exist. Creative photography allows you to capture moments now and relive the ones you’ve already experienced.