Ideas for Cutting Your Wedding Photography Costs

Ideas for Cutting Your Wedding Photography Costs

Wedding photography can eat up a large chunk of your wedding budget. Sure it is an expense you can forgo, but you will certainly regret it later. Still it would be great to pay less for the photographer. Here are some ideas you can sue to cut your wedding photography costs.

Cut your wedding photography costs by allowing the photographer to sell photos at your wedding reception. After they have taken all of your pre, during, and post wedding photos, allow them an hour or two during the reception to set up a corner where they can take and sell photos of your family and friends. Let your guests know that the photographer is available for personal pictures. This will give them extra income and get them to cut your wedding costs. Just be sure that they get photos of you leaving for the honeymoon.

Cut your wedding photographer costs by hiring a photographer for less hours. Perhaps you can have the photographer take photos during the wedding only and assigning family members to cover the rest of the event, before and after the wedding.

Cut your wedding photographer costs by skipping the photo development portion. Have the photographer deliver a photo CD instead so that you can choose and develop photos for your album instead. Just make sure you don’t put off developing those photos.

Cut your wedding photography costs by hiring photography students. You can hire a virtual papparazi for what students would charge. Seeing that they are amateurs, you can set up a contest for the best photos promising to pay a set rate for the 30 best photos. Just set guidelines so they aren’t hanging from the rafters during the ceremony.

Cut your wedding costs by trading services with your photographer. Depending on what you do for a living or for a hobby, you can barter down the cost of your wedding. Photographers could always use advertising, website design, and other business services. You can also ask for a discount in exchange for including a business card from the photographer in each guests wedding favor.